Sol (the sun, in Latin) symbolizes a timeless simplicity of being vital, bright and energetic.

- We see ourselves as a vital team player in sustainability.

- We offer a bright knowledge-base to the green building marketplace.

- We are an energetic team that is passionate about the work that we do.

The inception of Sol was with a simple idea - facilitate equal footing for environmental and social issues during early economic decison-making of projects. Today, Sol is a leading green building consulting firm based in Cincinnati. We have successfully delivered over 40 LEED projects and are currently working on over 100 green building projects encompassing over 4,000 homes in 9 states.

Sol Design + Consulting is dedicated to promoting environmentally responsive solutions through sustainable building principles. High performance buildings with superior exterior envelope, energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, and daylighting are the foundation of our sustainable practice.