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Building a home from the ground up can be a daunting endeavor in itself. Add LEED certification to the platter and the project seems even more of a distant dream. Unprecedented local and regional green building incentives, such as the LEED tax abatement, make economic sense to pursue them. But how does a homeowner go about it?

We have delivered over 600 LEED-certified Homes for developers, architects, and builders. However, the most remarkable are the ones where homeowners entrusted us early in the planning stage to guide them with LEED certification.

Their testimonials remind us that the impact of our work is real and energizes us to continue to do what we do best.

Minneci  Family - “Although we wanted a LEED-certified home, we were a bit apprehensive in adding additional cost and another layer of detail. Sol understood this and made us feel comfortable in taking the extra step towards a LEED - Silver home. Constant communication with Sol throughout the length of the project allowed us to stay within budget and not become overwhelmed with the LEED aspect of the home.”

Kinsman Family - “We knew what we wanted as we began the huge endeavor of building our own home with a LEED certification for the city's tax abatement. However, we honestly had no idea how detailed and complex the LEED certification process would be. Sol design + consulting provided us with valuable insight and guided us from the very beginning to the final certification. This foresight and experience reduced the overall burden and ultimately, the costs of construction, by addressing issues up front. They have been incredibly responsive to all members of our construction team and we are thrilled that we chose them to help us navigate what could have otherwise been a completely overwhelming process.”

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